Escape! Quest
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aaaaaa Foggy Lifesaver aaaaaaaaaaaa Cabin 502 aaaaaaaaa __Christmas Thief__

Unwanted Quests

You and Bob are the main Characters. You, the person, the hero, and Bob the helper. Together you ESCAPE the plot... and solve it!


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Foggy Lifesaver

A woman is driving her children to their new brought home.
Maybe the road is more haunted than she thinks....
This was our practise round before Cabin 502! ENJOY!

An exhausted, lonely woman is driving her tired out children along a windy, deserted road. A pour down of rain sends the two children to sleep. "And ....latest weather....blah....warning....fo...zzar..." and the radio has just jumped to life. "Oh Mum! Why did you do that?" "It was....." cried one of them. "Quiet Jimmy, you know what I just heard? Another fog warning".'Huh! Fog!! We shouldn't of bought that house," moans Kate.
"Just over the next hill is the fog. I'll slow down."
The pale swirling fog encloses around them like a mouth, a mouth of danger.


Cabin 502

A Pick a path story where anything could happen.
Pirates, drowning, portals, scares of the world.... Duh da duuuuuum.
Anything could happen: I'm warning you!!!

This was our main story that we wrote straight from our heads and we are 100 % proud of it.
After some help from Whaea Andrea and Mrs. Watchhorn we did some touch ups!


You stare at the calendar and scream.
10 May 1902! And the clock says...
"Oh jeepers! 10am? The ship's gonna leave in a hour, Like!" He shouts a voice of excitement. Shouting is always very loud.But panic is too."Quick! Lets go!" He tears the curtains apart and shouts,"Wow! bright and sunny! Wonderful! Great,like...!"
He seems right. You then pull out the map and get ready to go.

You race through the Century old town, and pass through the streets of the old Library.
The drive is long and weary, the road is bumpy and rugged. A queue as along as 50 giraffes necks grabbing for fruit is trailing in front. Finally a thin, sleek, metal plank appears.
The gangway!


Christmas Thief

When a manger, a christmas tree and a whole boxful of Christmas Socks disappear...
You and Bob are on the track again!
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This is the sequel to Cabin 502.


"Oh, lets get outta here." A terrific moan comes from your old friend Bob. "One adventure is enough already".
This camp is just TOO MUCH!"
"Bah-humbug" you say cheerfully. "Let up. We'll spend the next 2 weeks in the Christmas Islands."
A cheer comes from behind you.
"Can we come to?" It's the Captain, Sophia and the man you helped across the road.
Now it's your turn to let out a long moan...
(*Cabin 502)