You sprint to the kitchen when you see the flames pouring on deck, and sailors still swarming overboard.

A bucket lies on its side, and you grab it, whooshing salt water over the cooking area.
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Bucket after bucket zooms through the doorway.

Mary, suddenly aroused, grabs a sand--castle bucket and helps.

All the sailors are in the water, swimming in fear.

But the fire is gone.

Both of you, sweating, lie down.

"I bet you'll never want toast again!" comments Mary.

"No," you agree.

"Do you want to go in the crows nest? I'll take the wheel."

"Oh, goody. Are we going to go home now?" asks Mary.

"Yes," you answer.

"HOME AHEAD!" roars Mary through the wind.

The life boats released, you jump into one with Mary and row skillfully to shore.

"Home." you say blissfully, then faint onto the sand.

Daily Reporter

Fire Saved by Heroes
Mary, passenger of the ship S.S. Mary Celeste and another unrecognised person only known as
“Passenger U, room Cabin 502” have saved the ship Mary Celeste from a deathly fire that could of killed over 10,000 people. Mary was heard to have said, “It’s common. Not even long ago a fire killed out the S.M.S. Areba and its 502 passengers and crew. On a Friday!”
Hearing about the “Friday curse” got us to question the Captain's long known about ancestor in the Mary Celeste. As we asked he denied further comment.
Passenger U said something about burnt toast and “a load of squigert.” It is reported that Passenger U has returned to home in Paris.

" reads your Mother proudly from the newspaper.
You and Mary must have done a good job!"

"We did. But I like being home rather than being a hero," you say.

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