A shredding noise pierces the silence. You wake up in a sweat and run straight into the pilot cabin.
A GPS showing your location is bleeping and all the controls and lights are flashing with speed. With a sudden bang, 34 big orange air stabilisers and masks drop down and you then realise what has happened.
The pilots had abandoned the plane just as it started to stall which caused it to go high up into the atmosphere. The pressure had destroyed the windows and everyone was losing oxygen, so they were shutting down.
The air is getting thin. With a big breath, you scream into the passenger cabins and yell into the radio, "MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY! GOLF TANGO ONE NINER JETSTREAM BISJET EXPERIENCING LOSS OF OXYGEN AND EXPLOSIVE DECOMPRESSION. LAST KNOWN POSIT..."*
You are suddenly knocked out by the plane tilting and heading for a nose dive.

You wake in front of some Australian people murmuring about a comet flying in the sky and it means that a big disaster is falling upon them soon.
"Bet th'ar asylum smuggies."
You then hear the shouts of relief from Bob and the Captain.
"Aw, ain't that funny! He knows who he is!

"I just can't stand it. Us being trapped in a little cell for just crashing and not having our passports! It's crazy! It's..."
"Bob, that's enough!" you scream."Uh, sorry."
"Hey, this door is opening!"

Do you scram for the open door or try to convince the guards that you crashed and are not trying to smuggle drugs into the 'Down Under'.