You already know that you are into some thing good.

Even if you know that this is not real.. or is it?

Ask yourself. Is this real?
Try not to bother yourself.

You are now looking around the portal station for Ceres Library,572 Virgo Street, Orion District,Lutetia,(Redirect 452 Paris)

There! Bingo.A rusty pole with a drooping flag of France dangling over it . With a sign sayin: Paris.

Doorway Ceres Library, France.external image images?q=tbn:2oKUdaascFGZCM:

To come to think about it, you don't know the side effects when you jump into the portal.

Time is going even further backwards than you know and it is already 1st Century AD.

You zoom through but when it comes to a dead end...

Lutetia (Paris) was built in the 2nd Century, but now it's the 1st, Lutetia doesn't exist and you are trapped in an enormous black hole.


To go back.... click this time machine button on the screen disguised as a link.