You don't want to tell a stranger about your missing roommate, so Captain Smith seems to be the best person to tell. You reach over for a light, but instead is a space. 'Has Bob taken it? Or has it just rolled away?'

But it is no time to start asking questions have someone to find.

You start to feel around immediately. You trip and stumble all the way across the immense ship, the Myre Caleste, to get

to the important cabin that is housing Captain Benjamin Spooner Smith.

"Go ze best swimmers swimmers of the age!" A voice yells.

You knock on the thick wood door. A "pull out your armies, me hearties, and fight like a manle!! Oh..that is if you ARE a

man..." answers your three knocks.

You giggle and hear a strange, annoyed sort of grunt. You edge into the cabin, trying not to let the freezing outside air into

the comforting, cosy room at the bow of the ship, the most important place for a directors cabin.

Once you have squeezed inside, you see the Captain sitting at the end of his bed, holding a tea-cup and an old, ruffled

teddy bear.
external image 921-i_love_you_teddy_bear.jpg

Only then do you realise he is wearing a bright violet swim cap, sunshine-yellow goggles and had been staring at a large

poster of famous swimmers.
external image 5486-lcs_violet_pd.jpgexternal image stock-photo-yellow-swimming-goggles-isolated-on-white-37276372.jpg

He looks at you again and he says: "have you come to ask if zi zad a T.V. to watch sockey?"

"Do you mean hockey?" you ask.

'Ah, yes...or maybe Hoccer? Or Natllab? Or Betaball? Byrug,maybe?"

"No. And maybe you mean Soccer, Netball, Basketball and Rugby?"

"No, nay, I mean Screeork,Nimplacabe,Berataball, and yes, I still mean Byrug, yes I do, or maybe it's bakstellab, tenblal,

rocerc and koyhec.But still Byrug."

You roll your eyes, exasperated. You don't have time to babble in 'Smith language'

"Oh yeah, by the way I don't have a t.v. That was what you were looking for, wasn't it?"

"No. It was you who told me that I was," you say wearily.You realise that Captain Smith is VERY talkative.That is just too

bad.You have a mission, a mystery to solve, and a a search to put on.There is no time to waste.But time is ticking away on

the small alarm clock ( which looks like it is superglued down) beside Captain Smiths bed. All time that should be used for

finding Bob...

You hear the Captain muttering "aint k-now what Byrug is.Honestly! And is not here to watch Nimplacab. Zoo bad. All

people have good zouls."

'What a nice, wierd person!' you think.

You clear your throat. "Can I please tell you something?" you ask.

"Sure. Go head-up, mate!"

You shuffle in your bare feet. Your freezing toes are bright pink from cold. The Captain looked sad about having an

uncomfortable person in his cabin. He beckons you over to the bed. "Tell me everything," he says nervously.

You go to the bed and sit down. "Hug me mama!" exclaims a voice.You stare at the Captain. He flushes and says: "zat was

teddy. Start from the beginlie, pretty please with a cherry on top!"
external image cherry1.jpg

So you do tell him everything.

At the end he tells you: "you k-now what? I k-now a ztory like that."

Do you:

Get on with the search

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