Whwww! A whistle in the distance, and also an enormous Bang!
You jump up into the gloomy, deserted sky and land with an echoing crash bang boom on a fluffy thing.
Steam encloses around you like a blanket of grey. Silence roams around and chuckles.
"Oh argh me fiddle watha, what is on me heady, Sophia? Hic! "
Silence is moaning and breaks.
"Sophia? Hic!"
You suddenly realise this is the Captain.
" Yee yangsters moost be in a bed I tell you" he explodes out.
You crawl down thinking, actualy, I'm glad I went that way... Good. I didn't land on his head.
"Och, ya better get oof me head I suppose."
"Now for a toast me hearties! Fight like a man, and shout like a beggar!" he roars.
'The Captains drunk, and he's made the boiler explode.' You hurriedly rush up some stairs when Smith crashes a Vintage Gladhead Wine bottle onto the engine.

Choice: Go back to bed and tell the Captain your story when he's Sober,
or report him.