Cabin 502

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An enormous bleep wakes you up.Everyone has woke up early."Why do I have to get up first ?" grumbles Early.You stare absent mindedly at the alarm clock.external image alarm-clock.png
Where are you? How did you get here? And that's when you see the colourful poster of Chocolates of the world.
Your friend Bob is crazy about chocolate.
He stands up in a total mess. Suitcases and bags are crammed around him, he is wearing a hat, and is wearing a raggedy, overlarge coat.
"I thought I would get ready you know, like." he mumbles.
You stare at the calendar and scream.
10 May 1982! And the clock says...
"Oh jeepers! 10am? The ship's gonna leave in a hour, Like!" He shouts a voice of excitement. Shouting is always very loud.But panic is too."Quick! Lets go!" He tears the curtains apart and shouts,"Wow! bright and sunny! Wonderful! Great,like...!"
He seems right. You then pull out the map and get ready to go.

You race through the Century old town, and pass through the streets of the old Library.
The drive is long and weary, the road is bumpy and rugged. A queue as along as 50 giraffes necks grabbing for fruit is trailing in front. Finally a thin, sleek, metal plank appears.
The gangway!
"Attention all passengers, what! I am your honoured Captain Smith Briggs, and I am de-LIGHT-ted to be captain of the *Myre Caleste what, and..."
The ship is a ominous, shiny, silver cruiser with a beautiful flower covered deck. A great promenade deck is held up with thick green chains. the ship itself looks like an enormously conical pine tree floating down a river with all its branches still on. You and Bob look for your numbered cabin 502, but it doesn't seem to appear.
"Excuse me sir, do you know where cabin 502 is?"
The purser turns white as a sheet of printing paper, and points at a X marked door. He runs away in an instant.
"Whoa man! Get back here!" cries Bob.
You sigh and stare at the foaming water and see some letters: Help!
Help? What help? " Comin, like? I've found the cabin!!"

The moan of the squeaky door is drowned by the ship's speakers.
A crackling intercom hangs on the ceiling."Are you sure this was a first class cabin Bob?!"He smiles sheepishly and sits down on a chair. It collapses with a Clank.Now you smile.external image 1_cfd0083be7e15299ae1dbaca853e890e.jpg"Can we please talk to the person in cabin 50 ...Thank you, what!
Hmmm, I think that I shouldn't say what anymore..."
You suppose that was the Captain, thinking about all his whats and stuff.
"Top or bottom bunk, like?"

Do you choose the top bunk or the bottom bunk?

Top Bunk
Bottom Bunk