You then sigh and realise that this will be the best choice.

The man then moans into your face.

"Right: My Graaandffffatherrrrr gave this to me when I was tvvelve, so I could..."

He stops dead. You start to get anxious about your companion, What was his name...Hob?
You wonder what is going on. Has this man gone bonkers? You try asking him a random question.

"Why do I see two of each person?".

He replies, "Bob. Hummmmmmmmmm." Bob? That's interesting. You have almost completely forgotten about him.

"Excuse me sir, What on earth are you talking about???"
Stone silence. He must be in a trance.

"Ready? You might need this Time Machine."

He passes a queer looking Gadget to you.

What is going ON???

You decide to sneak away while he is humming.

A rusty hinged door is locked but you throw a nearby sand bag against it and the door gives way.

"so I could save ..."

Oops! Shhh! you say to yourself.

"the horn of a Yak."

BANG! You jump foward through the door and gasp as if the world has just turned into enormous globs of jelly.
The world spins as you slam straight in to an invisible barrier.
Then it slooowly appears as a green kiwifruit shaped merry go round?!
external image images?q=tbn:EResnamu-vLv1M:

You run through portals of colours, colours that you have never seen before.

"No, go get this horn!" the man shouts.

No sense at all!

Then he explains in a really tedious voice he needs it to get out of the trance.

The voice of a thousand runny noses...

"Accept me mission... or dieeeee!

Choice: Do you decide to accept this queer mission,
or run through the wall and hide in the next room?