"Oh. Um.. hello. Sorry about last night. I just was a bit loony, you know. Anyway, what were you goin' to sayeeee...OW!"


"Sophia,stop your fooling around and get me OUT OF THE WATER! Ehkk! "

"Ok...right. Out you get" you say as you tug the captain out of the water.

" Thank you" .

" 'S all right" you grunt.

" Sooo its you, is it? Well. Umm...you are the one who lost ya friend, right?"


"Mmm...hey, do ya wannoo have a little talk about this...disappearance" the captain invites.

"Uh...thanks. I'll come." you accept.

A few minutes later you are ( supposedly ) talking about the disappearance, but Captain Smith is more interested in passing birds. You are about to fall asleep when he says abruptly, as though he wants it over and done with, "there has been two other disappearances on this ship"

Then he keeps staring at birds. He's probraly seen many when he (supposedly) bonked his head on the boiler.

Soon your eyes are closed and you are almost asleep, but the captain says suddenly:

"Oh, um... Bob is right here in my bedroom. He had typhoid fever and had to come to the sick bay. Sorry."external image images?q=tbn:09veIx6zJVY3HM:

"That's NOT Bob!!" you scream.

"That's loud...Ice scream louder..anyone for ice-cream? Or eyes cream...mmmm."

"All you care about is a bottle of ice-cream? Argh!"

Three days later. Officialy.

You and the captain are sitting on the bed in your room slurping slurpies.

It is already 0100 Local Time (1:00 Clock a.m) and the surroundings seem familiar again.

The brass light which was the lamp, the engraving on the bunk and the single, so distant but you know it isn't a dream that you have had, but reality.

Now you stareat the porthole. A clock strikes midnight. A calendar rustles, the furniture moves in front of your eyes.
Pages tear from your book until they stop at the page: "Cabin 502: thee Abyss of the Mary Celeste, now the Myre Caleste reformed and is a strange ship and people disappearing. Most likely conection with "Atlantis":external image images?q=tbn:RMic0Odk5TzbQM:
The calendar stops at Friday the 13th. You groan. Next, sparks fly from the port hole and it unscrews in front of your eyes.


Move out and go to the captain's room or


You run. Everything disappears in a trice.

You are stuck in a world of 4-D infinity.external image images?q=tbn:FhOcO-b68hefxM:THE END
From a big screen, an evil professor grins as he clicks a button and watches you being stoned to DEATH.....