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According to the Graphic Organiser , I am writing a third of the story about time, spooks, portals, reality and a mad time Loony.
The middle third is the main skeleton plot, about disappearing people, and a boy getting lost.
Kaira's third is about Pirates, shipwrecking, caves, and disappearing people.
Sneak Peek of my part:
"Attention all passengers, what! I am your honored Captain Smith Briggs, and I am de-LIGHT-ted to be captain of the *Myer Caleste what, and..."
The ship is a ominous, shiny, silver cruiser with a beautiful flower covered deck. A great promenade deck is held up with thick green chains. the ship itself looks like an enormously conical pine tree floating down a river with all its branches still on. You and Bob look for your numbered cabin 502, but it doesn't seem to appear.
"Excuse me sir, do you know where cabin 502 is?"
The purser turns white as a sheet of printing paper, and points at a X marked door. He runs away in an instant.
"Whoa man! Get back here!" cries Bob.
You sigh and stare at the foaming water and see some letters: Help!
Help? What help? "

Current Plan:
Story plot


  • To write our setting, we have decided to blend our ideas together.We are going to make the places the Carribean and the Bermuda area ( including Atlantis) * go three ways way 1 ,way 2, way 3.
The Beginning
  • You are heading towards a holiday on a ship to cruise to Europe, passing the Caribbean, visiting the Grenadines(Or searching...).
  • Way 1: You end up getting warped to Atlanis, then end up on a mission of freeing yourself from Atlantis, then if you do, go to the Mary Celeste in a mission to free the people.
  • Way 2: You are on the mission of getting authorities to lock up Cabin 502.
  • Way 3: You are being shipwrecked, or getting captured by pirates.(Warning: Drowning included)