Christmas Thief

"Oh, lets get outta here." A terrific moan comes from your old friend Bob. "One adventure is enough already.
This camp is just TOO MUCH!"
"Bah-humbug" you say cheerfully. "Let up. We'll spend the next two weeks in the Christmas Islands."
A cheer comes from behind you.
"Can we come to?" It's the Captain, Sophia and the man across the road.
Now it's your turn to let out a long moan...

Later, you are sitting on the plane wearing earmuffs and a emergency crash helmet ( just in case).
Muffled springs of laughter erupt violently from the first class. All the others are enjoying a 5 star dinner while you get a....
"THAT'S IT!" you shout. You spring to your feet and march in.
You declare immediately that you will all go to an old shack for the summer christmas.
A loud effortless groan is what you expect.... but none comes!
"Yippee!!!" cries Sophie. "Can we go back to the Grenadines?"
"I mean in the Christmas Isl.." you start. Too late!

Choice: Do you make it clear you go to the Grenadines or Christmas Islands? (In still an old shack)