You choose the bottom bunk as you like to reach your water on the floor.external image glass_of_water.jpg

You are tired, so you lie down in your comfortable, soft-sheeted bed to read the most seafearing library book you could find.

After only a few paragraphs ( of the story) , the tall, wooden door opens, and your roommate comes into the miniature cabin and climbs onto the top bunk.
external image Iron-Handle-Wood-Refridgerator-HTOURS0206-de.jpg
There is silence until you turn off your flickering, faint lamp, when he makes a "thank you" grunt, and you roll over to go to sleep.

A freezing gust of wind wakes you, followed by a riotous scream. The closed-before-bed door is left wide open.'Strange'.
You stand to ask Bob, above you, what was going on, but the bunk above is empty......

Who would you tell? What happened to Bob? When did he go? Where did he go? Why did he go? Was he 'adult-napped'?

All these questions needed answers. Answers to: Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?. All the W's are making you dizzy. Another W, Who to tell?

Tell either
The officer
Captain Smith