You wander over to Sophie, who is standing a few metres away.

"Please come with me, I need help," you beg.

"Pleeze come wiv me, I need halp," she answers. You take that as a yes.

Soon you are stepping carefully down the top step, and you slip dangerously; it is wet. Sophie grabs your jacket and heaves

you up.

"Carevul, you," she says.

"Careful, you," you repeat.' Ha ha!' you think.

Once you are clear of the first step, all goes well. About half-way down, there is a sharp turn-off, which, if you had slipped on

the first step, would have sent you careering down a deep hole in the ground.

All you hear is trudging footsteps and the occasional shriek if you or Sophie slipped. The screams echoed strangly in the

vast surroundings.

A little while later the end of the stairs come into view. Sprinting, you leap off the end of the stairs. You land hard, teetering

on the edge of a huge crevass.

You almost have a heart-attack. How lucky that you had jumped!
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"Vow! How lucky zat waz! Vot vould have happened iv you hadeent jumped!" calls Sophie from the stairs, "but out ze vay,

now, my turn to jump".

You stand aside to let Sophie leap, and you hear a familiar voice, yelling "HELP ME! I NEED HELP!"


Sophie lands next to you, "who ees zat?".

"It's Bob! BO-OB! Come here!" you yell to the darkness.

You hear panting, then the sillhouette of Bob comes jogging through the dim.

"You're here! I was so worried!" he heaves.

"Hurry before ze opening clozes!" says Sophie.

"I thought it was a bit lighter, after this external image images?q=tbn:kw8DWMuDdMMuFM: dropped down!" he exclaims.


Bob shuts up and follows you and Sophie.

At the top you scramble out, followed by Sophie. Just as Bob starts to climb out, the door starts to close.

You tug at his hand, and Bob pushes off the top step. A big mistake. He slips, but Sophie is strong enough to pull him out.
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Saving Bob continued