"Captain, in the name of the Law, you are under arrest."

You have finally caught the Captain in the cave that he has hidden in for three years.

"BOOHOO! Mummy!!! Nooooo!" he wails. He bonks onto a wall and with an enormous CRACK it gives way.

Everyone dives out onto the pure, shiny white sand in fright the cave will collapse.

'No wonder it was named Glanzende Zand Beach, with the name meaning Gleaming Sand' you think.

'Back to the case', you say to yourself.

When you creep in, a roar of hundreds of tigers in the jungle makes the looming cave entrance collapse.

To get the Captain out, you will have to see if it is hollow, other wise the drilling is useless.

"Is it hollow?" you ask eagerly.

'Boom, boom'.
"Yup, it's hollow. I got a pick axe, so we can get him out."

After a horrible, disasterous job, Captain Smith shouts.

"Treasure!! All mine! Mine-mine-mine-mine-mine!

You stare at the gleaming golden treasure and smile.

external image images?q=tbn:V64j1OCmUoXHSM:

This was the treasure that was meantioned in the pamflet.

The land is in sight and...

"Money! I have money!" the Captain cries,

"Money! We have money!" the crew echoes.

The crew all cheer and throw anything they find, making a huge clatter on board.

Suddenly, as the captain starts to share out the treasure, the Myre Caleste gives a giant buck, and a gush of water washes onto the boat, but despite this the ship lurches ackwardly into the air.

"A WHALE!" screams the captain.

"A whale" you repeat stupidly before toppling overboard.

You expect, after gathering your wits, that you will go down and the ship stay up, but what happens is the opposite.

The ship plummets down, and with an enormous "SPLASH!' crashes into the sea.

You watch this from a buffeting seat on the whale's spurt which tosses you all over the place meanwhile the crew below spew out of the ship and swarm, like poisonous red ants advancing on thier unfortunate prey, into the rolling sea.

You smile and try to get comfortable, but the spurt suddenly starts to fail and droop down to the whales back, then it whooshes up and you whistle through the breezy air alarmingly fast.external image images?q=tbn:gJsFPOYt-0iZwM:

Just as you curl into a ball and pray for a soft landing...

The house on the edge of the cliff has a luscious garden, bursting with colour and spiderwebs sparkling with dew in the mornings, geraniums, roses, fuscias, snow drops, blue-bells, daisies and lillies in a gem-rimmed pond.And that is
exactly what you are heading forexternal image images?q=tbn:QNqbTjzckzB1eM:external image images?q=tbn:9gAIxxqrz64qwM:
'Splash!' you land smack-bang in the middle of a lily-bunch. A soft landing!

"OOOH, YOU BET I'M ANGRY, HUH, YOU?!" cries a tiny old woman,suddenly appearing from behind a bush, her red face contorted with rage,"SQUASHING MY DEAR OLD LILLIES AND DISTURBING MY BIRDIES!"

"S-s-sorry, I couldn't help it! I--"

"EXCUSES, EXCUSES!!! NOW SHUT UP AND BE OFF!" the crinkly, wizened woman screams, and starts to whack you with a smooth green handbag. You shelter your head with your arms and begin to run (sprint, more like).

"SHOO YOU MEASLY MEANY!" with one, strong hit, 'Grandma' knocks you over the cliff. You cry out and try to grab a bunch of flowers, but unfortunately they are spiky-stemmed roses and you let go.

You plummet down for the second time, but this time down a six hundred and sixty six metre cliff. To a carpark landing.

Say goodbye to yourself.

666 metres?

I think you have just gone bonkers....


Luckily, the old woman is charged for murder, and you have been avenged. Except she was a robot......

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